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History of Me-Tex Oil and Gas


Me-Tex was incorporated by James Murray Sr. in 1933. In the beginning, Me-Tex supplied wire rope, manilla cortege, slush pump parts, new and second hand casing, line pipe, oil well supplies, drilling and fishing tools, wire lines and rotary equipment.

In 1935, the board of directors of Me-Tex Supply Co. authorized the contract with the Wallace Estate in Santa Fe, NM to drill certain wells in Section 3 Township 21 South Range 36 East in Lea County, New Mexico which is still active today.

In 1937, Me-Tex sold 140 acres to Hobbs County Club so they could build a golf course. Later that year Me-Tex Supply built the Me- Tex Airport, which today is the Hobbs Municipal Airport.

Burton and Mark Veteto purchased Me-Tex in 1988. On October 28th, 2011 Me-Tex opened the doors to their new and current location at 119 E. Bender in Hobbs, NM.

Me-Tex has been and is still committed to contributing to the development of the city of Hobbs, NM.